Re: Phase II Tool Post - compound attachment


I bought a Horror Fright QC toolpost a year or so ago for about
$90.00. It required a new handle to make it work. The one that came
with it was not threaded, it had rings around the shaft with zero
pitch. I was pretty proud of myself for making a nice stainless
steel handle to fit. I was not too pleased with the cutoff tool
holder, it doesn't want to keep the blade from moving up and down.

A month or so ago I bought one of the Phase II holders for my other
lathe and I am very much sold on it. The quality is much better.
the holders are machined to match the piston block much more
closely. You can't put the two holders in the same league. The sale
at Enco puts the price about the same, too.

Glen Reeser

--- In, "Dave Mucha" <davemucha@j...>
Ahhh the horrors....

I got my HF QC and it was WAYYYY off. one holder clamps past the

I was lucky to get a friend to mill the mounting block for me, and
there is a post in the files section that also referres to the
horrrors of modifying it without a mill.

BUT.... there is a VERY simple answer !

you can buy a block to fit from Enco, or J&L or others for less
$5.00. NON thru tapped is best.

You may still have to thread it if it is only 1/2-13 tap. but then
what fun would having a lathe be if you didn't need to use it !


--- In, "Dr. Robert Harms"
<rharms1@t...> wrote:

Enco has the Phase II quick change tool post on sale at a 46%
savings. Would one of these work on a SB Model A.


If so which one.

#####will check + report

Does anyone own a Phase II and are they pretty good?
######I do Its excellent

You have to make an adapter for the SB compound

The model Im using on my 9 also fits my 10



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