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Nick Jonkman

In the center if the cone pulley is little screw on most models. Beside it is the word oil or grease. SB used both over the years. That lube is for the back gear operations only and does not affect the spindle bearings. I believe if it said grease there won't be the oil gallery as some suggest. A product called Krazy Grease is a great substitute for the grease SB specified. You can even wash it off with paint thinners or gasoline and the actual lubricant will still remain, you can't wipe or wash it off with anything but ammonia. After finding it I started selling it and we demonstrate cleaning all traces of it off a plate and it still lubricates. TSC stores were selling it in the USA. I actually use it on the gears of my 9A. Never seen anything work like this before. The people with the tracking solar panel set ups just love it as it is totally water proof too.

On 2022-02-04 12:54 p.m., mike allen wrote:

        I think  it gets it's oil from the spindle oil .


On 2/4/2022 6:58 AM, Davis Johnson wrote:

The lube that goes in the cone pulley lubricates the motion of the cone pulley around the spindle when you are in back gear.

The spindle bearings have their own lubrication system.

My big question is what lubricates the thrust bearing unless you squirt some loose oil on it from time to time. It might get a little leakage from the left spindle bearing or the cone pulley - but that doesn't seem terribly reliable.

So mine gets a squirt from time to time.

On 2/4/22 09:24, ww_big_al wrote:

Thanks for that explanation. I never knew that



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The inside of the cone has a long annulus oil gallery, where the lube is sitting when the machine is at a standstill, where it starts to spin the oil is flung around and travels to the bearing surfaces along the grooves if my memory serves me correctly, grease can’t do this, unless it is a mixture of oil and grease ( as used in the Ariel motorcycle gearbox) , make no mistake here oil does more than lubricate, it is very effective as a cooling agent and keeps mechanisms within tolerances thus minimising wear, grease gets pushed out of a bearing and stick to shafting and clogs oil galleries, South bend engineers got it right with that long oil gallery / reservoir inside the cone, if it’s getting hot, put some oil in the gallery by means of the oil hole in the cone, let it leak out the ends, who cares, it’s only oil, the cheapest engineering you will ever buy.

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