Re: endmill holders


I bought 4 of these and the drawbar is 3/8 x 16.

Glen Reeser

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Busybee tools in Canada has a stub arbor on sale. The taper is
hardened but the stub is not. Would this be appropriate for making
an endmill holder, or do you need to have the whole thing hardened?

The info is as follows:
"Item No:B460
MT Arbor With Straight Stub
We have specially ordered these for applications where regular
tapered and hardened arbor cannot be used. However, the straight
shank portion is soft. Hence, they can be machined to adapt for
special applications.
Taper portion is hardened and ground. Taper end is threaded to fit
3/8" x 15 TPI drawbar"

I think the drawbar thread is a typo as their flyer lists it as 3/8


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With all the recent talk of milling on the 9" southbend, I'm
thinking of
giving this milling attachment a try. What I need is a
recommendation and
suggested source for a set of Morse taper endmill holders and
drawbar, (or
the holders, and I'll make a drawbar)

Okey Caynor

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