Bill in OKC too

Greg, I've sent you an email from my mini-lathes group inviting you to join, so you can look at the link there, and download it if it interests you. Feel free to email me, too. wmrmeyers (AT) gmail (dot) com, (AT) yahoo (dot) com, or (AT) sbcglobal (Dot) net

I can recommend a lot of books on machining, et cetera. Many of them are free as PDF's on, or Google Books. I've been playing for about 48 years, after a class my senior year of high school, with out access to machine tools until 2008 when I got my mini-lathe, and the wife told me to quit griping about how hard it was to learn to do the stuff I'd done in high school in late 2014, and take another class. Started that in February 2015, and been going very part time ever since. Teacher says I'm turning into a decent machinist. I still screw up my projects too, and have to redo them. I call that "practice." ;) Though I have some better tools now, it wasn't the mini-lathe that was my major problem. It was not knowing how to hold the measuring tools correctly and developing a feel for the right amount of pressure to use when measuring to get the right results. I am not an expert machinist, but I do know a thing or two about learning how to do stuff.

Bill in OKC

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Thanks a lot for completing the research project for me, and sending me all of these links and information.  Now time to digest it all.  I will go down the DIY trail now.  If it does not turn out well, or if in the future I go to a AXA Clone, then it goes on the scrap pile.  As you said, all it takes is a few dollars of steel and time, and that I have a lot of .

Thanks again.  As questions arise in my decision process, I may be posting more questions.

Have a great day!


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