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Bill in OKC too

Don't know about your pulley, but do know a bit about sharpening carbide cutters. Conventional wisdom is that you need diamond or CBN wheels to do a really good job sharpening them. Silicon carbide "green" wheels do an OK job on them. And for the cheap brazed carbide cutters, I've used an aluminum oxide "gray" wheel to reshape them. Had cutters from Harbor Freight with no rake. The bottom edge of the chip stuck out farther than the top edge. I could them on my cheap import grinder wheels until the had enough take to not rub. It's not a good method, but it can work. 

A SiO2 whetstone can touch up the edges, and I routinely use diamond hones for that, as well. I'm fond of the Eze-Lap brand of diamond hones, but also have cheap diamond coated imported needle files. 

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Can carbide cutters be sharpened with a special stone?
 I have a SB9A from 1967.  The flat belt bottom pulley comes off under heavy load is there an adjustment?

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