Re: Need advice- 9" with no tooling - do I keep it?

Nick Jonkman

If the ways are good and you got a good 3 jaw chuck then you got a bargain. Now you can outfit with accessories that you want and the quality that you want. Mine cost me $1200.00 and I got a 3jaw with only one set of jaws and and old 4 jaw which I seldom use. Also had halve of a taper attachment. I bought a good tool post set and drill chuck for the tail stock. For another $500.00 you can get a lot of what you need as you need it.


On 2021-12-13 4:26 p.m., Agent via wrote:

Hi folks,

Hoping for some advice from the collective wisdom here.  Bought a 9" model A some time back, and I'm just now getting to the point where I have the time to do a rebuild (replace wicks, clean, paint, ect.  Unit is a 1941 according to the serial.  I live in the southeast and the problem is machines are not as plentiful and I was impatient and bought a unit that was not well equipped with tooling.  Lantern tool post, 3 Jaw check and a few cutters.  The Ways are ok, It is a running machine, and for what it is, its not bad. I'm starting to have second thoughts, since a quality tool post and 4 jaw chuck will likely set me back a grand right off the bat.  Should I bail and look for a lathe with a decent amount of tooling and accessories, or just collect as I go and realize over time it will cost more to outfit the unit?  I paid $500 for the lathe, so at this point I can recoup my investment, but once I start to outfit I will pass the point of no return.  

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