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Bill in OKC too

I'm more inclined to start small, myself. I want to build a small steam engine to drive a generator to charge a cell phone. Tea cup boiler, or there about. Something interesting to watch run, but low pressure and low volume steam.

I've worked with and on a 150HP steam boiler in an industrial laundry. Nothing nearly that big!

Bill in OKC

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I'd like to build a rideable steam loco at some point, to run around the yard and such.  But that's a ways out and low on priority list...

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Sorry Doug, railway loco.

50 HP Orenstein & Koppel no. 7529 of 1914. Built in Berlin, worked until mid 60s at a sand quarry in France, S of Fontainebleu, where it can be seen working on you tube if you search for chemin de fer disparus 24.

You can see it running in 2021 if you go to the website of the Golden Valley Light railway and hit the Facebook button where there are a couple of videos. There's also a bit in the middle of a visit to Midland Railway during summer 2021on youtube.


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Great looking boiler

I assume a traction engine ? what make please?

I drive them at vintage meets in Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada


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Best of luck with your project, Richard. There's a bit of a lesson there for all of us.

If you loan anything out for repairing, copying or any other reason, ensure that it goes in a project bucket that is labelled with the job name and your name. Maintain regular contact. Insist that all parts are kept in the bucket at all times in secure storage unless being worked on. Paint details onto big items. Stamp details onto a metal tag and wire it to intermediate size items. Do the same for anything you borrow. Worked for me when I had my steam loco's boiler repaired over an 18 month period at a location 4 hours drive from home, and it needed to be accompanied by injectors, gauge glass, manifold, regulator, firedoor, chimney, washout plugs, try cocks, safety valves, pipework, lens rings, fasteners etc. Photo of final steam test attached. Zoom in to see the i/d on the firedoor. Location, North Norfolk Railway, Weybourne works.

Remember, any one of us could walk under a bus later today.



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I understand that my 1937 model "R" is a comparatively rare beast ,even in it's native land, but it later morphed into the more common "Heavy Ten" lathe and as such, the components of the cross slide from one of those will probably fit mine.

Having fully restored my machine (including having the bed ground true) some years ago, I decided to have anew cross slide incorporating Tee slots, made here in the UK - together with some other hard to get accessories - little did I know that the top slide, cross slide and saddle together with other components that I loaned to John Ward were going to vanish with his death. I had loaned him the parts of my machine to enable him to make and fit replacements. Fortuneately I managed to recover some of my property from his estate, but the most vital parts still missing are the cross slide, it's chip guard , the tapered gibb strip, brass plugs for locking the top slide swivel and all associated screws. I am also seeking the belt tensioning linkage for this bench mounted machine. I keep looking at ebay, but other than the linkage, to no avail. Can any body help?


Richard Pender

I am UK based and own a 1937 South Bend "modelR" bench lathe (none operational) and am seeking a cross slide, cross slide nut, tapered gibb & screw, associated swarf guard and drive belt tensioning toggle linkage. I understand that the 9" swing model R is comparitivley rare, but the more common "Heavy Ten" lathe may have components the same as my machine. It is a long sad story as to how I came to loose these vital parts owing to the death of the engineer who was to supply modifications to them. As I have spent a considerable sum both in time and money so far in the refurbishment of this machine
(including having the 84 year old bed ground true), I am understandably very reluctant to part from what currently ammounts to an expensive collection of scrap iron!
Is there anyone who may be able to advise me what to do? (The current owners of the South Bend brand name were no help at all- despite the historicaly based bragging on their web site!
Kind regards
Richard Pender

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