Re: Seeking recomendation on flat drive belt replacement

Bill in OKC too

The real trick is to replace the belts often enough they don't fail on you, and keep the most recently replaced belt in good condition as a spare in case the one on the vehicle gets damaged by road trash. Or a new spare belt if your budget will allow, which mine often  hasn't. 

Bill in OKC

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The silk or nylon/silon stocking trick is an old auto-mechanic's hack.  Not sure how it would work in the long run.

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just wanted to give my 2cents worth
many years ago i was driving on I78 west in pa with a ford 350 small truck
around 2 am my belt broke and i managed to limp to the next exit
low and behold there was a 24 hour walmart at the exit
but they didnt have the proper belt
i purchased a pair of pantyhose and i wrapped it around the pulleys using only a knot to tie it on
i managed to drive another 175 miles to reach my destination and i was able to fix it properly the next day
so people who say it cant be done - well it can
just my 2 cents worrth

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I think if a person were to take nylon hose (not silk stockings) wrap the pulleys while at the shortest adjustment, along with several wraps of fishing line.  Then apply the appropriate heat a custom continuous belt could be produced.  Then wrap with several layers of duct tape.  I do not have adequate R&D time to develop this further if someone else wants to perfect the product.

Are there any more entertaining solutions or should we improve the hot vulcanized tire patch clamp next.

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Why?  Because some have the burning desire to periodically bring up the same situation instead of looking into the archive, where it was already beaten to death.
May be some mad scientists came up with a magical belt along with a new and improved acetylene buggy lantern?

Enjoy the entertainment,


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