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Bill, my machine is definitely a single tumbler machine. I have measured nearly 0.0015" wear on the ways near the headstock but I can live with that. There are no dents or dings anywhere on the ways. I have to modify the full-length chip guard on the rear to give clearance to fit the taper attachment. I took a lot of attachments off it to get the weight down for the move to our current location 4 years back. Did the move - no drama, but the house has caused a lot of drama through poor construction, so haven't yet reassembled the lathe as there may be another move coming up. We shall see.
Cheers, Tony.

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I've attached a copy of my serial number card, as well, so we can compare them, I note that Tony's has the same 102-5C for the DIC, as well, though his spindle is slightly different, at 13=28/32 or maybe that's a 25/32nds. It was 1941, and there was a war on. that might not have been significant at the time, though it would flunk a part in my class. ;) I do have the 2-1/4-8 spindle nose, as well.

I guess I got lucky on the parts with mine, in most ways, though I have the single tumbler gearbox, and I think Tony's is a double tumbler. The handle is broken off mine, but the broken piece is there so can be brazed back on, and I have the skills and tools to do that. I also have an apparently complete spare single tumbler gear box. I was told that Bill H hunted for a while to get the Turret tailstock, so I know it isn't original with my lathe, but it's possible most of the rest of the stuff is. Though there is that spare 5C collet closer, too. ;) I got it for $950 as is, on one of the more modern (like 1939) steel-tubing benches. It's missing two of the drawers, so one of these days I'll be venturing back into the sheet-metal working realm. Making drawers instead of armour will be something new and different for me. ;)

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Hi There, 

After seeing Tony's Build card, I can see that the numbers (like 100,
102, etc.) I believe, do refer to the unit codes of the sub-assemblies. 
I see that the 13-3/4" is the spindle length.  Seeing the build card explains
a lot.  Also, the "N" does refer to the UMD drive assembly (but the card
does mention something about a maple top with 8 drawers substitute
for the steel top).

Reading the Build Card has been very educational.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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