Re: decoding a South Bend manufacturing card


Hi There,
I assume your catalog number is 8187RN.  The first "8" designate a "Toolroom"
lathe.  The "187" designates a Heavy Ten.  The "R" is for a 4-1/2ft. bed.  The "N"
I'm not familiar with off hand.  That letter is supposed to designate the drive type.
Typically it is a "B" but back in 1941, I'm not sure what they might of used for drive

The rest I'm a little confused about.  Is the 102 the unit code?  All SBL's used
a unit code on all major sub-assemblies.  I'm not sure about the 13-3/4" spindle. 
I've never heard of that.  Typically, the Heavy-Ten had two available spindles. 
They were the 1-7/8" x 8 tpi spindle and the larger 2-1/4" x 8 tpi spindle.  Spindle
size was coded into the serial number using the suffix letters at the end (but I think
SBL didn't start using suffix codes in the serial number until 1947).

Sorry I can't more helpful.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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