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Bill in OKC too

Mind interpreting mine for me? Mine is an 8187-RN 10L x 4 1/2 102 headstock 102 DIC 102-5C 100 for most everything else. 13-3/4" spindle. SP. Hole 1-3 It was sent to the Ruritan, NJ Arsenal 10/14/41, as a toolroom lathe, so 80 years ago yesterday. I got two 5C collet closers with it, and both regular and turret tailstocks, as well as a taper attachment. It lived in a leaky barn for five years after Bill Hinkle got it, and he sold it to me because he was about the same age as the lathe, and didn't think he was going to get to restore it himself. He didn't get to see me restore it, either. COVID-19 interrupted us both. Thanks for whatever you can tell me.

Bill in OKC

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Hi There,

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 06:25 PM, j eric townsend wrote:
If I understand things, "RKL" means:

R -- Heavy
K -- Gearbox
L -- Spindle type? Is this the 5C for a heavy?
Your close.  The "R" was for the 10 inch (Heavy) lathe.  The
"K" is for the Quick Change Gearbox, Friction Clutch Apron
and Underneath Drive.  The "L" is for Large Spindle, Standard

The Heavy Ten with the large spindle (a.k.a. 10L) does use 5C
Collets with the correct adapter.

According to your catalog number, 8187AB  your lathe is a "Toolroom"
version with a 4ft bed. 

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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