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Steve Wells

Hello Richard,

Is it possible for you to post a few photos of the lathe and if you have any photos showing the missing

parts? Also the serial number so we may confirm the model and year.



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Sent: Friday, September 24, 2021 4:02 PM
Subject: [SouthBendLathe] parts wanted


I am UK based and own a 1937 South Bend "modelR" bench lathe (none operational) and am seeking a cross slide, cross slide nut, tapered gibb & screw, associated swarf guard and drive belt tensioning toggle linkage.  I understand that the 9" swing model R is comparitivley rare, but the more common "Heavy Ten" lathe may have components the same as my machine.  It is a long sad story as to how I came to loose these vital parts owing to the death  of the engineer who was to supply modifications to them.  As I have spent a considerable sum both in time and money so far in the refurbishment of this machine
(including having the 84 year old bed ground true), I am understandably very reluctant to part from what currently ammounts to an expensive collection of scrap iron!
Is there anyone who may be able to advise me what to do? (The current owners of the South Bend brand name were no help at all- despite the historicaly based bragging on their web site!
Kind regards
Richard Pender

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