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Thanks Dave, I wanted to see you solutions. 
I have a slotted plate that I have been thinking of using in a similar way. 

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Hi Jim, Basically I decided to make three tapered spigots to fit onto my T slotted milling plate, a vertical slide, and a rotary plate ( with a' dividing head' feature) to then fit them onto the existing cross slide with the compound slide removed. Photos attached. The milling plate is adapted, with removable brackets, to attach a power drill for small cylindrical grinding jobs. I think I shall shelve the idea of a T slotted cross slide for the moment. The Myford is an option but the V channel is about 9mm wider which would mean quite chunky gib strips plus the additional machining required to adapt it. I tend to try and make most  attachments for my SB. To date that includes two and three point steady - from a pulley wheel!, taper turning attachment, thread dial to name a few. Not the real thing but they seem to work!
Regards, Dave <Workshop 245.JPG><Workshop 246.JPG><Workshop 247.JPG><Workshop 248.JPG><Workshop 249.JPG><Workshop 250.JPG>

Jim B.

Jim B

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