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I think it may be a knock out as one end is brass, and there is no obvious way to set a stop depth.  But, I do not believe there is a need to knock out anything with a 3C collet.  Might be for some other tool.  Although it fits nicely inside of the draw tube, and is about 6-inches longer.


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On Monday, August 23, 2021, 12:14:32 PM CDT, Payson <egreene104@...> wrote:

The long rod next to the draw bar appears to be either a knock out bar to remove tight fitting stock in a collet, or a collet stop. As a stop, it would be inserted into the draw bar, and into the collet, and locked in place to index material being bored to a specific depth.
I would be interested if any of those collets turn out to be 6K.
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