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That helps a lot.  Now i just need to figure out if there is any use to the rest of the stuff, or if it should go onto the market.

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I have an aftermarket 3C collet set and closer for my SB9C.

There is a thread protector that screws on to the spindle.  It goes on first.  On mine the protector is only long enough to cover the threads.  It tightens against the arbor flange.

Next assemble the large flanged piece into the spindle.  This will adapt the 3C collet to the #3 Morse Taper of the lathe spindle.  It seems to stick out a little much.  The backside of the flange to the thread protector measures about 0.25 inches.

The closer is the long tube with the handle.  It is inserted from the back side of the spindle and is threaded to mate with the 3C collet.  On mine there is a swelling on the shaft that presses against the back of the spindle to pull the collet into the spindle and adapter.  I was supposed to find the correct length, tighten down the hand wheel screws really tight and cut off the end of the tube.  I never did.

I cannot help with the 'extra' parts.

I was surprised to see that Little Machine Shop is offering a Collet Adapter and 3C collets

Hope this helps.

On 8/22/21 9:54 PM, G K via wrote:
Evening All,

On a whim today, I purchased a box of 3C collets for my SB9C.  Not sure what I have or how, exactly to install them.  I little insight or a reference would be appreciated.  I've attached a few photos for reference.

There are 31 collets most Hardinge, but several RSB, several South Bend, a couple Rivett, and several No-name (a couple of which are hex shape).  There are a few adaptors that I am unsure the application.  One of which I believe is a 3C to 3MT adapter I would need.  The others, I have no idea.  Also not sure what the long solid rod is for.

The biggest question I have is, when I insert the collet closer through the spindle, and thread it into the collet that is passed through the 3C to 3MT adaptor, with the spindle protector threaded onto the business end of the spindle, how far proud of the end of the spindle protector should the adaptor sit?  Tight, or some space?  If need be, I can assemble it that way I think it should go and take a photo.

Also, there are two spindle protectors.  One which is a threaded collar with no way to tighten or looses, and another that has less threads, but a spanner hole in the side.

Please take a look at eh photos and let me know what you think.  In the interim, I'll keep searching the net for some instructions.



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