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mike allen

I've heard mention of  " Moglace " for a task like this


On 8/17/2021 11:39 AM, Bill in OKC too via wrote:
David, you can buy Babbitt metal from, or possibly at a junk yard, where it often winds up in with the lead. Pretty sure JB Weld won't work if it really needs Babbitt. Stuff isn't cheap new, about $28-35/pound, but for what you need, a pound is probably all you need. Instructions on how to pour it are on their website, too. There are other places to get it, that's just the one easiest for me to send you.

Bill in OKC

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On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 11:05:32 AM CDT, david pennington via <> wrote:

Hi, Folks,
The taper attachment is now installed and operational. There's just one major task left to do. (After I'm completely satisfied, I'll drill the dowel holes into the carriage.)
In the factory method of installation, the clamping bracket is the last thing to be connected. It has two little holes in the top and was supplied with a block of babbitt. The final step was to melt the babbitt and to pour it into one of the holes.
Since my attachment came off of another lathe, it will not surprise anyone that the fit of the clamp is off by a little bit--0.02" or so--so that it binds at one end of the travel. There's no question that I need to melt the existing babbitt and let it run out. The question is whether to attempt to re-pour the babbitt or to use some "modern" material, such as J-B Weld.
Your thoughts, as usual, will be much appreciated.
BTW - the pin with the knurled top, that was cotter-keyed into the clamping bracket, is a perfect fit for the screw hole in the cross-slide, and vice versa. I continue to be impressed with how well the SB folks thought things out.
I'm also amused at some of the design details, for example, the spacing of the two threaded holes in the clamping block is in fractional inches.
David W. Pennington
Denver, Colorado720-442-3744

On Monday, June 21, 2021, 10:17:53 AM MDT, david pennington <> wrote:

Hi, Folks,
I have a taper attachment that is missing a minor part and a couple of bolts and washers. I've "finally" decided to complete it and to install it on my 1946 9C. (The missing piece is a simple steel block with a tapped hole to clamp the fixed end bracket to the lathe bed. I figure 2" x 2.3" x 0.5" should do it.)
I've looked at several videos on Youtube, including Tubalcain's TIPS 561. He showed an exploded parts page.
There is a pin on the fixed end bracket. I cannot figure out its function.
A. Anyone got the SB literature on this thing?
B. Do we have a library somewhere? I've never tried to access it.
David W. Pennington
Denver, Colorado720-442-3744

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