Re: SB9c compound Removal

Bill in OKC too

Heat gun on the part with the hole in it, and possibly ice the pin. Or heat and cool it, and see if cycling back and forth loosens it up.

You've already messed up the paint, but I still wouldn't use a torch on it.

Bill in OKC

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On Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 01:31:28 PM CDT, G K via <bug_hunter2000@...> wrote:

Hey Guys,

Looking for a few tricks.

Trying to remove the compound off my SB9c.  It has been off previously, but something is holding it up.  I took the two set crews out, and was able to remove one of the pins with a magnet, but cannot for the life of me get the other pin out.  The compound is loose, and tightens, so I do not believe the pin is locked in.  I tried a magnet, I tried hot glue on a bolt, I tried hot glue on a wood dowel, bit no luck.  I sprayed carb cleaner in there (not a good idea as it took off the paint), I also tried WD-40.

Please share any tricks you have to get the pin out.



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