Re: First Cut

George Steube

What kind of steel?  If it came from Lowes or HD it will never cut smooth.  Get some leaded steel (12L14) before you worry about adjustments. 


On 6/24/2021 4:33 PM, G K via wrote:
Afternoon Guys,

Just made my first cuts on my rebuild South Bend 9c.  First off, thanks to all who have helped me along the way with eh clean-up and reassembly.

Can't seem to get a nice, smooth cut.  Chucked up a 7-inch long, 1-1/2 inch diameter piece of steel I had laying around in an attempt to do the two-collar alignment test.  I used a four-jaw chuck, and adjusted it to sub .001 runout near the chuck.  No support on the tail end.  I faced it off, then started reducing the diameter.

I've been running at 410 rpm
Depth of cut between 0.003 and 0.005
Feed rate of 0..0031
Using a HSS cutter that came with the lathe

You can see from the photo that the surface finish is for sh$t.  Looks almost like a reverse thread.

Any suggestions relative to machine setup adjustments, machine tuning, spindle speed, feed rate, depth of cut, cutter, etc. would be appreciated.  Also, if I can answer any questions, send them on over.  Tough to troubleshoot when you've never done it before.

Thanks a lot for whatever input you may be able to provide.


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