We are reaching our "Free" storage limit.


I received this message today.

This email message is a notification to let you know that your group SouthBendLathe@groups.io is using over 80% of its available storage of 1GB. The storage space is used by attachments, files, photos, database images and wiki images. You can view the usage statistics for your group here.

Based on your group settings, when the storage limit is reached, the oldest attachments will be automatically deleted to make space.

Note: If your group is already over its storage allotment, we will delete attachments starting in two weeks from when you received this notice.

If you would like to increase the amount of storage space available for your group, please visit:


Alternatively, you can set your group to bounce messages that contain attachments. To do so, go to your group's Settings page and look for the 'Out Of Space' setting at the bottom of the 'Message Policies' section.

The pictures that we attach to our messages constitute about 350 Mb of our allocated 1 Gb. 
If we reach our limit, these will be automatically  deleted, in the order they were posted. 
I doubt if anyone ever goes back to look at these. 
So we can do nothing, or I can go back to the beginning and delete some myself.  (A lot of work).
The storage limit can be increased at an annual cost. 

My initial plan is to do nothing. 

The group is set to rescale posted pictures at 488 by 488 so it will take a lot of deleting on my part to clean up some room. 

If anyone feels they want a permanent copy of an attached picture I would suggest they logon to Groups.io, Southbendlathe,  go to photos,  then emailed photos, and make a copy for their files. 

Jim B.

Jim B

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