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Roger Bickers

Don't turn the knob so much between locking up loosely and the lever moving only slightly.  You have to find the sweet spot. 
If you still struggle, then that knob on the end of the tube opposite the collet itself is threaded and has a locking set screw in it that will take an Allen wrench.. has a sweet spot that works with the levers range of motion also. 
Good luck and try the first way I mention first.
Roger That

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Any idea what my problem is?


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Long story, so forgive me.

I had an early 405 9’ Workshop. it had a “Top Oiler” headstock, I Changed this out to a later side oiler. While I was doing thisI also used a 10K spindle.
(Yes the 9” Workshop and 10K have the same journal dimensions.)

The primary reason, at the time, was that the 10K spindle has a slightly larger bore. 55/64 vs 49/64, or 0.860 vs 0.766. This is enough to add a lot of versatility.

IN ADDITION the 10K spindle will accept a SB proprietary 6K collet. It does this without any adapter. These allow one to hold 5/8 stock through the headstock as opposed to the upper limit of 1/2 THROUGH THE HEADSTOCK with the 3C.

6K collets are expensive and rare, I took me about 8 years to collect a complete set. I can go from 1/16 to 5/8 in steps of 1/64.

I highlighted the 1/2 THROUGH THE COLLET because there are some 3C collets larger than 1/2” which, have an internal step bore, and allow you to insert material to a depth of about 1”.
I had them in steps of 1/64 to 9/16” at one time. I sold my 405 some years ago, along with the larger than 1/2 collets.

One thing which has not been mentioned. Is that the 3C/5C/6K collets are available in in botjh square and Hex. Not so with the ER’s.

I use 5C on my 10L and I do have some hex and square collets. I find them quite useful. I do have and ER-40 setup, but I mostly use that for odd size work, since my 5C’s are incremented in 1/32” steps.

I do miss having the 1/64 steps of the 6K’s but while I still have the collet set, I don't have a Lathe to take them.

One other note. The ER’s with their adapter stick out beyond the spindle 1.5 to 2”. I don't care for that.

Jim B

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