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Thanks Tom that is a great YouTube by Joe Pi. He has done some really great instruction videos.


John B


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JohnB: exactly right on the grip range.  Go watch youtube video from Joe Pi - he covers collet grip issues, and explains it very well.


BTW, for the original poster of this topic: If you have 20 3c collets, you may be close to having a full set.  I rarely see a lathe with more than 15-20.




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Number of collets to cover a given range is dependent on the grip range of the collet.


5C do not have a very wide range.


I think the ER series has a wider grip range per collet than the 5C.

John B


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They go from 2 or 3mm up to 26, I rhink

Typos are courtesy of autocorrect.


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how many sizes are there on the er40?  I like the 5c cause there are 72 sizes.  Do you also have a collet block for the er40?

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