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Nick Andrews

Thanks!  I just got a set of 29 ER40 collets to use in my SB mill and this chart will be helpful for me.  I ordered a couple of tool holders to use them with to better grip random-sized mills or drills since I only have a couple of 3/8" and 1/2" BT30 tool holders but a sordid collection of cutters. I was debating if I should buy a set of metric collets too.  Figured I could get a collet block to use them for holding work in the vise or on rotary table as well.  Or in the shaper vise.  My Sheldon lathe came with a few 5C collets, but I haven't made a collet closer for the spindle to use them with yet.  While I may buy more 5C collets, a ER40 collet chuck for the lathe might be more useful and at this point cheaper.

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Here is a chart I made up



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how many sizes are there on the er40?  I like the 5c cause there are 72 sizes.  Do you also have a collet block for the er40?

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