Re: Changing Oil in Apron


The oil fillers are threaded right hand. You can remove and replace
them easily enough. Just be careful not to mangle the little trap
doors on top. My recollection of the inside of the apron is that the
oil gets channeled to the different lube spots through little canals
and passageways that would make it impossible for the oil to come
back out the oiler. The clutch is the main problem to clean up. If
running kerosine or a very light oil into the oiler doesn't start to
flush out a lot of yuck, you will probably want to tear down the
apron. It isn't so tough and there a bunch of folks here to hold
your hand through it.

Order a parts manual from Rose. She will want your serial number
from the tailstock end of the bed between the ways.

Glen Reeser


I guess I could
answer that myself by draining the oil cap covers and looking, but
I'll ask anyway.I assume this elbow-style oil cap is pressed in
and I assume I'll ruin it removing it. How do you press (tap) in a
replacement without ruining the new one? For the quarter-inch
straight style oil hole covers I turned a punch to fit the oil hole
cover and it drove in nicely.

I'm having the same issue with the spindle bearings (oil does not
appear to flow) oil caps. I'll order replacement wicks and oil
if the wicks are stopped up.

Thanks one more time!

Dave Young

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