Re: 9A follower rest


Hi There,

The nine inch, 10K and Heavy Ten (10R/L) telescoping steady rests use the same
knobs, screws, jaws, etc.  They also share the same upper casting.  This usually has
a casting number something like PT116NR1 or 126NR2 (this is what two of my steadies  
have cast into them)  The "N" is for nine inch and "R" is for the Heavy Ten and it is
implied that it is also for the 10K (because the 10k is in-between the nine inch and
the heavy ten)  The lower castings are different based on the swing and bed dimensions. 
The casing number on the base will be something like 115N1 or 125R2.  Hence, the nine
inch is unique. the 10K is unique and so is the Heavy Ten. 

The larger swing lathes use different parts in their telescoping steadies.  I assume they
use a larger version of these parts.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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