Re: Making parts for a Telescoping Steady Rest - Part 4

Nelson Collar

I have the complete build up for a 9A but to scale up to your lathe could be done. And there are no castings. I am uploading a pic of the finished Steady Rest. 

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would you be kind enough to give the machinist drawings for the telescoping steady rest and traveling steady.  also is there any interest in getting someone to cast the steady rest and traveling steady for a 13 south bend lathe due to these being hard to find.

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Hi There,

*Looks GOOD. What knurl wheels you use? Course?*

You could say I used "course" knurl wheels.  I purchased my knurls from
Accu-Trak.  I use the KP series knurls with 45° diagonal (to produce a
90° diamond).  These are available in several pitches (16, 20, 25 and 30
tpi) and I used the 20 tpi knurls as they are the closest to the originals.

I have one of those scissor type knurling tools I use (which work so much
better than the "bump" type made by Armstrong and Williams).

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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