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Richard Wanke

Halligan 142 has a video on utube about replacing the fiber washer at the end of the spindle with a thrust bearing if that is what you are talking about.

He used a bearing and hardened washers from Mcmaster. 

Part numbers...
Bearing 5909K3.  1 3/8" ID x 2 1/16" OD x 5/64 thick
Hardened washers 5909K53.  .032 thick (x 2)

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 11:37:57 AM EDT, Steven H via <stevesmachining@...> wrote: sells thrust bearings. Anything there that would work?

Steve Haskell

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Between the front of rear journal and a step on the spindle is a ball bearing assembly. These are rare, and hard to find.  
Try TED at latheman2@...m
Now these very seldom get bad. and I would not expect them to chirp unless they are totally without oil. 
Try loosening up the aforementioned spindle take up washer and see if the chirp goes away. 

At one time Grizzly had them but I think they sold out. They may have replacements but expect the cost to be high.  As I remember, somebody did find a substitute, but that was years ago. Try searching the archives. 

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OK. My bad. I purchased mine years ago. What thrust bearing are you referring to? This was for the spindle take up bearing. 
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The Ebay kink that you provide is for a "Take Up Bearing" not the actual thrust bearing.
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I converted mine from the fiber washer to a thrust bearing. I purchased it from SteveWB on eBay. Steve provides instructions on how to do it. I consider Steve a very good seller.


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Hello everyone, I have a 9"model A lathe which has a steak or chirp that is rythmic in nature. I believe that the thrust bearing is going bad and I need to replace it. Does anyone know what the call-out for this bearing is? I didn't want to take the spindle out just to find out. I had a problem in the past with this bearing and I should have taken care of the problem then. I just didn't have time.

Thank you all,

Steve Karvelis 

Jim B.

Jim B

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