Re: Tool grinding

Bill in OKC too

Very likely. I see a couple of different grooving tools, at least one threading tool, maybe more, and a small boring bar. Different angles on some of the other tools would reveal more about them. What you have there is a good start at doing about any kind of work you might want to do. With your grandfather's hand on your shoulder, too! 

Wish my Grandpa had a lathe. I mighta got smarter sooner. ;)

Bill in OKC

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On Monday, April 19, 2021, 12:34:43 PM CDT, John Jarosz <thejohnjarosz@...> wrote:

Interesting thread. My grandfather bought a SB 9” in the 30’s. He did jobs in his basement to supplement his income. I inherited the machine and all his ‘stuff’ from my dad. A long time ago I found a box of toolbits, every one was different. I asked my dad what was with all these bits. He said: “ oh those, those were for special jobs”. They all look hand done to me 

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