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Bill in OKC too

If your lathe uses standard stock, that's great! If you have the standard stock. Most of the QCTP's come with a block of metal that will make an appropriate T-nut, and it's easy enough to do the work on the the lathe, on a mill or shaper, or even by hand. If you have the separate pieces of stock, or can get it, that's easy too. ANY method will work, if you want it to, and do it. I believe we have spent more time cussing and discussing it  than it actually takes to do the work. Mike at has done an assembled from mostly stock material t-slotted cross-slide and a faceplate for his mini-lathe, too. It is good to have all sorts of ways to put stuff together. Your brain is a toolbox full of ideas, and you need to keep it stocked up, too. You can never tell which idea will be best until you really need it. Then it will be the one you can remember, and use, when you need it. Most folks don't have only one wrench in their physical toolbox. Why have only one idea in the mental tool box? 

Bill in OKC

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As I understood his post, the difference is that you don't have to do any machining beyond drilling and tapping a few holes. 

You use two standard size pieces of stock that you stack and fasten mechanically. No significant machining needed. 

Steve Jordan on YouTube did the same thing to create a large T-nut for his mini lathe. Rotary SMP also on YouTube built a cross slide like that, IIRC. This is very useful for people who do not own a milling machine, nor do they own a milling attachment for their lathe. 

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Clive, how is that any different then machining a T-nut out of 1 piece of steel that fits exactly the same way?

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