Re: 3c to 5c adapter

Bill in OKC too

IF the link works, it's for 5c collet chuck with 1-1/2" threaded semi-finished backplate for about $160. Might work depending on the spindle thread on your lathe. They have one a bit cheaper plain back only. 


Bill in OKC

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On Thursday, April 1, 2021, 01:47:46 PM CDT, Joaquin Pendleton via <joaquinpendleton@...> wrote:

Hello again fellow SBders:
 Does anyone know if the 5c collet will fit on my 9" model A SB?  And if it does not , has anyone out there ever made a 3c to 5c collet adapter?  Because I can buy a whole set 72 pieces of the 5c for $379, that is cheaper than trying to fill in my 3c partial set.  Thanks to all who respond. 
Joaquin Pendleton

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