Re: source for replacement chuck jaws

Jack Dinan

I too use an ER40 collet chuck on my SB9. 
Cutting the thread to adapt the spindle to the metric collet holder was my one and only try at turning metric threads on that machine. 
Quite a satisfying exercise.

The reason I want a 3-jaw available is that I often need to work with hex stock.

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How is your ER40 mounted on your SB9?

Typos are courtesy of autocorrect.

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Here is the link for a 6” 3 jaw chuck with reversible jaws and a 1 1/2-8 back plate.

I personally think this is a little large on a SB9.  I would go with a 4” or 5” 3 jaw on this size lathe. Remember, just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s the right size.  I run the above chuck on my SB13, and I think it is an excellent size to that lathe.  On my SB9A, I usually use a 3c or ER40 collet chuck.

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