Re: Anybody close?

Steve Wells

It’s a 1941 model C, shop modified compound, shop modified spindle nose collet holder and closer.

Double tool slide without the slide…haha

Probably measured the swing down to the flat way, it’s a 9 inch.




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        It's a interesting lathe , maybe Ted or Steve can tell us more about it . Looks like it has a collet closer/chuck

        & a very interesting compound rest . There is a chuck in one of the pic's but you can buy a brand new chuck for under $ 200. with a backplate .


On 3/20/2021 8:30 PM, G K via wrote:

I'm close.  Can you guys tell the model from the rough photos?  Can't figure much from the description, 5"?  I am actually interested in the four-jaw chuck.  Looking for one for my SB9.  Not sure if it would fit or not.  25 miles away.


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