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Bill in OKC too

That seems in accord with my experiences, too. Socks, tools, wallets & keys. If I can ever learn to control, it will make me rich! It would be great to be able to put stuff in the place when I don't need it, and bring it back out when I do, instead of the way it seems to work now. :)

Bill in OKC

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I am convinced that not all my possessions exist simultaneously in the same dimension. To make one thing reappear, something else has to go.

The instant reappearance of objects upon procurement of a replacement also sometimes works for me too.


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Great minds think alike! Smile
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This is amazing. I do the same thing. Say it out loud to myself!

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Yes! However, I’ve found an antidote: I say to myself, “I’m putting the screwdriver on the step ladder.” That works. Problem is, I usually don’t remember to do that.
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I can’t tell you how many times this happens to me recently.
I’ll put down thing #1 while I go to get thing #2 and then spend ten minutes searching for thing #1.
Drives me nuts.

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