Re: Collet Rack Angle

Steve Wells

The original holes are 1/4-20

Mine is a 1967 that came with the tool room sundries.




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With the tray facing forward on the tube, the screw holes are at 0 degrees, or at the back of the spud.

From the bottom edge of the spud rear, the first hole center is 0.250 and the second is 1.000, not much room

on the lower hole, I only have about 0.125 space from the hole to the edge, you might use .300 to be safe.

My socket head cap screws may not be original and they may have been little square head screws, but I used

1/4-20, 3/8 length. 3/16 drive size, they work well, and easier to adjust or remove.




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Hi There,

Steve, I think I'm good.  I've got most of an old collet rack already.

The only things I was missing was the actual rack and the hook to hang the
draw tube.   I got a hook as well from Fred.  The shaft was quite a bit oversized
and I had to machine it down.

The tube is there and I think it is the correct length.  The diameter of the pipe is
.672"  which is basically 43/64".

The one thing I don't know is the location (or the size) of the set screws used to
lock the rack to the tube.

If you or someone could provide that info, that would be very helpful.

Thanks for the help so far!
-Blue Chips-

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