Re: Which do I keep? 1949 9" Tool Room or 1935 9" Heavy

Stuart Wilby

Have a good retirement Vince, I bought my SB 9” a few years before retiring along with some accessories, it soon became clear to me that one machine was perfect for my hobbies, motorcycle repair and general machining on a small scale, however, it became clearer by the day after I retired that one lathe was not enough, so I bought another Lathe and built a dedicated space to work in and keep it all together, the lathe had a milling slide which has its uses alongside the milling machine, my advice would be to keep both machines if you have the space just because you can, they take some finding these days, have a good think before selling and I’ll guarantee this, if you sell one, inside a week you’ll regret it when that need appears at your workshop door.

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