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Bill in OKC too

I haven't used one, but I've screwed up enough threading projects that I'm seriously considering making one to fit each of my lathes. It would be one less thing to try to remember while threading. IMO, that has got to help! 

I'm taking a class to learn to be a machinist, and last night I screwed up the 10th try at a threading project. 4" long cylinder of mild steel 2-1/2" diameter. Reduce one end to 2" diameter 1-1/2" long. Other end 1-1/2" diameter 2-1/8" long. chamfer 4 corners, and cut two runout grooves. Thread 1-1/2-12tpi and 2-20tpi and I've messed up the threading part for the last time. It was done enough to be a passing grade, barely. I managed to carve off 1/4" of the threads on my next-to-last pass with the threading tool by hitting the feed lever instead of the half-nut lever. I am getting quicker at screwing things up. First time I did this project it took 5 class periods (3 hours each) to get to the part where I screwed it up. This time I managed it in only 2 class periods. Does that count as improvement? ;)

Bill in OKC

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On Friday, March 12, 2021, 11:26:15 AM CST, William Nelson <wnnelson@...> wrote:

I saw this tool and was wondering how useful it would be. The advantage I see is you no longer have to use the crossslide to pull the tool out of the thread. How much of a advantage is this? I assume it could be slightly more accurate in that the tool should go back exactly where it was with no possible error from my eye and hands not getting the dial in exactly the right place. The threading stop would do the same thing but I have not used one even though I have one. Has anyone used one of these and is it worth the time to make one?

Bill in Socal

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