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Maybe the real story was a variant on this, as Boxford didn't start manufacture until 1948. Perhaps the large numbers of SB machines, generously supplied to UK during the war, were put out onto the market, and needed the parts and support in the same way that Anthony suggests here..leading to the agreement. It's also probable that in the depleted economy after the war, parts shipped over from the US would have been too expensive in comparative terms.

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<< Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Boxford bought a licence from
SB or did they Hong Kong the machine? >>

I don't have the papers on this but it was a WW2 lend lease issue.

Machines were being shipped to the UK for the Brits to be better able to
fight Hitler. Machines required service parts. While SB probably did ship
*some* service parts it's not possible to predict with complete accuracy what
parts will be needed at any particular time. In order not to have machines
inoperative for extended periods of time while waiting for parts from
America, or to rob other parts from inoperative machines (they needed all the
machines they could get) UK sources were authorized to manufacture service
parts. The same thing happened with Atlas lathes and possibly a number of
other makes.

Possibly during the war, and certainly after, the UK sources found themselves
in possession of parts and no machines needing them after the demob but shops
wanting new machines to replace the ones worn out by the war effort. Why not
assemble service parts into complete machines?

I'm reasonably certain that Boxford and the various other clone manufacturers
(check Tony Griffiths' South Bend pages for more info about SB clones) came
to some sort of licensing agreement on this issue. Since then the clone
makers have engineered their own modifications to the original SB designs so
they often have uniquely interesting features different from SB but I think
each of them would graciously and gratefully acknowledge their debt to SB for
having provided them with such an excellent starting point.

Berkeley, Calif.

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