Re: SB 9A Feed questions


The star knob engages a clutch. This clutch feature is useful for
turning up to a shoulder. I engage the proper feed gear,
longitudinal or crossfeed, and then turn the clutch knob until the
tool starts moving and maybe a scoche more so it won't hesitate if
the gibs are a bit tighter at one end or the other. I keep one hand
on the knob so I can quickly disengage when the end of the cut is
reached. If you come up to a shoulder and are sleeping on the job
the clutch should start slipping and not ruin your part. I don't
like to depend on this, though.

Some people have reported sticky clutch problems when the apron has
not been cleaned out or flushed with kerosene for 60 years. Make
sure it all works as I described befor you start taking a 1/2
diameter reducing cut on an expensive piece of metal.

Glen Reeser

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I couldn't find this in the How to run books.

When threading I know to use the half nuts to move the carriage.

When turning down stock should you engage the feed lever to start
the cut or engage it first then use the star nut to start and stop

Same ? for power cross feed also.

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