Re: lathe info


Hi Bill,

I made a few 20 tooth gears this week to offer to folks on this
list. I bought a set of 18 DP 14.5 degree PA cutters and have been
playing with them to figure out how it all works. Broaching the
keyway turned out to be the most interesting part of the process.

The gears are made of 360 brass and I'll take $20 each for them to
try to recoup the cost of the cutters and the material I bought.

Send me an email directly if you want one.


Glen Reeser

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Hello Man
I have a Model 9b S/N 45273nbr9 can someone help me with date of
manf. and original owner. And Im makeing my model B in to a model
I still need a 20 tooth gear and a lead screw for a 42" bed. can I
cut the lead screw? if so anyone have a print for a lead screw for
model A with a 42" bed

Thanks Bill

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