Re: Which do I keep? 1949 9" Tool Room or 1935 9" Heavy

Steve Wells

The Workshop 9A would probably be the one to keep, longer bed, lots more accessories available, higher spindle speeds, better lubrication system.

The hobby cash from the sale of the Letter series 9 would buy more tooling for the 9A than the other way around. Don’t think a taper attachment for a wide bed 9 inch is

going to be low cost, or even available, and the list goes on, but I would like to see the maple bench, can you post a picture please.




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Subject: [SouthBendLathe] Which do I keep? 1949 9" Tool Room or 1935 9" Heavy


Hi folks!


I am fortunate enough to be presented with a good problem that I would like the perspective of the group on. I have two South Bend 9" lathes. A very nice 1949 tool room catalog 8644A with a 4ft bed and all the goodies such as taper attachment, collets, chucks, steady rest, face plates with dogs, milling attachment, etc. The other lathe is a very nice 1935 480YN with a 3ft bed with two chucks, face plate, some tooling, and steady rest. It also has the factory maple stand. 


For context, I am getting ready to retire in about a year.  I am a former shop teacher who wants to do a little metal working to complement my woodworking, motorcycle and car hobbies. The 480YN is a much more substantial lathe than the 9" tool room, but the toolroom is very well equipped. Much more than the 480YN. 


Frankly I am very torn. I am leaning toward one but would like the opinion of the group. Once my decision is made, the other lathe will go up for sale. Thanks for any input!!






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