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Yesterday halfour job. Die is on order. I had several imperial dies, not the 1/4-20.


Op 27 feb. 2021 23:58 schreef wlw19958 <wlw-19958@...>:

Hi There,

Nice screw,…what are the dimensions?

The original I have from the 9" and 10K looks like this

The screw close up looks like this (next to one I made with the real fine knurling)

I thought the original lacked "pizzazz" and I liked the look of the bigger screw I
pictured earlier so, I made mine to mimic the larger one some.

Dimensions of the original:  OAL = 2.375",  Threaded shank: 1.930", 1/4-20 Threads
extending up shank from the end: 1.210" diameter of shank: .243".  Head diameter:
.452", Length: .443".

The ones I made vary a tiny bit from one another.  Seeing you guys liked the 25 tpi
one, I'll give its dimensions.  OAL = 2.450", Shank = 2.00",  Threaded section = 1.420"
Diameter of shank = .250",  Head diameter = .532" ( I started with .511" before knurling ),
Head length = .446", Undercut below knurling = .471".

I made all of mine from 1144 Stressproof® steel.  The other two I just used 1/2" stock.
the "medium" knurled one I wanted to have a slightly larger head so I turned down
some 5/8" stock I had to .511".

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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