Re: Threading Stop Bolt


I just made one of those for my heavy 10 yesterday! :). Machine came with the stop but no screw. 

Not sure about the larger size though. 

On Feb 27, 2021, at 11:48 AM, wlw19958 <wlw-19958@...> wrote:

Hi There,

While I wait for quotes for the tap, I've got something else to
occupy my time. 

In my collection of spare parts, I have a threading stop bolt
that is too big to be for a Heavy Ten. 


This bolt is 2-7/8" over-all length, 5/16-18 thread.  The knurled head is .635" in
diameter and the head is .440" long. 

The Heavy Ten uses a 1/4" bolt so this is for a bigger lathe.  Does anyone know
what size lathe this is for (13", 14-1/2", 16")?

Thanks in Advance!
-Blue Chips-

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