Re: Looking For A Special Tap

Steve Wells


Victor Machine Supply used to stock that tap, but as of late, it’s probably

special order with the COVID effects.

I think they still have the RH in stock.

But they will arrange do a one-off for you.

Give them a call or email them.

They would probably be the most cost-effective also.

The number you would need is TALF-3/8-10




WARREN, MI 48089-3962

(800) 723-5359





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Subject: Re: [SouthBendLathe] Looking For A Special Tap


Hi There,

Steve, I'm not that versed in thread sizing and classes. 
I would say that the fit of the old parts are in the H1 to H3
class.  I really don't have any way of measuring the internal
threads of the old parts to find this out exactly. 

Perhaps mentioning what parts I am trying to make will help
I have several telescoping steadies and one follower that
have been denuded of their parts.  I recently purchased a
steady that had its parts (or more correctly, most of them)
and this has given me examples of the parts I need to make
for the other ones (and to replace the worn and missing parts
on the steady I just got). 

The only part that will be trouble for me to make will be the
brass fingers.  These have a 3/8" - 10 LH internal thread. 
This is too small for me to try internal threading with a single
point tool.  Hence, I need a tap to make these.

I know there is a guy on eBay the sells them but at $70 a set,
I think I will be better off buying a tap plus I might make some
extras to sell.  Also, these brass fingers wear quickly so being
able to produce replacements when I need them would be good. 

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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