Re: SB 9A paint color was Re: [SouthBendLathe] SB 9A project completed

Steve Wells

This version of the file contains areas that are the “final” revision of how it will look

and how the links work, info and other tweaks, please help and report broken links to cards, photos and notes.

The gray with light green sections are the last changes, and the newer updates will look like this.

The 100 build lot numbers are in gray, the owner lathes are in light green with the serial number in light yellow.

I still have hundreds of serial number emails going back to 2007 that have overwhelmed me in the past, but

I am working every morning for at least 3 hours to add the older data. All serial numbers are still welcome.

It takes hours to research a single email sometimes when the model is rare and I need to go through the old SBL card files,

and look for catalog data. The link to the cards, photos and notes are an amazing resource tool for model ID and information.


All the Best,




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Subject: Re: SB 9A paint color was Re: [SouthBendLathe] SB 9A project completed


Al, try it now, I uploaded the updated file. Refresh your browser also.

In Chrome when the SN page starts to load hit the X to cancel, then hold down the Ctrl key

And hit the refresh reload button to the right of the browser back/fwd arrows.

Page Direct link:




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