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Steve Wells

Thanks!!, It’s a Noga MC1700 Minicool, I have several of them and really like it.

Use one on my 10L too.

After seeing the Centroid cnc12 software, I’m definitely going to install and try it.

I’ve not had a problem with getting Mach4 to do what I need, but I believe the cnc12

Is a little more towards the industrial side, and they write with experience from conversions

of older industry machines.

I stated 134 on the spindle motor, of course I’m dyslexic, it’s a NEMA 143 .


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Those dials look amazing!  And the machine seems to be doing exactly as it’s told :). Is that flood coolant?  Or just a mister on high output???


I have flirted with upgrading to Mach4 (running Mach 3 now), but then I see the machine working as-is and think better of it. I’d love to try a Lenox CNC build at some point. 


I’m all steppers, but I love the idea of the closed loop system. Clearpath seems to make some really nice stuff. 


All that will have to wait for the next machine :)

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I too love building cnc projects, I built a precision mini mill several years ago to engrave

South Bend Dials:


And to all those out there waiting on me to finish your projects, they are coming.

Soon, no later than late spring after fishing time, lol,  I promise, now that I have retirement

time, I can catch up, this machine is for turning the mount bushings and the dial blanks!


This lathe has been a long project, I started in the spring of last year…lol, after looking for years

for a South Bend MagnaTurn 612 to convert, I decided to just build something,

just to get a little experience with the conversion until I find the elusive 612, that I know,

is out there somewhere.


On my South Bend 2S mill, I see now that having a chip guard and chip collection system

would have been nice! I filled up my shop vac twice cleaning up.


Some machine porn and specs on my build:

The donor lathe was a late 1980’s Elgo KL-26 12.5 inch stubby turret lathe.


The Z-axis is a Thompson 2HB20, with the covers installed, it has about 12 inches of travel.


The X-axis is a Newport TR12x12, has the same travel, about 12 inches,

which I have off-set to the Turret side.


The tool turret was built by Dave DeCaussin formerly of FADAL before he passed away.

It's an 8-station stepper driven, pneumatic lock/un-lock and it's bi-directional.

with coolant nozzles. I have the plc macro code for it written but have not tested it yet.

I still must install lock/un-lock sensors on it, these were beta units for the discontinued

Fadec HTC10 and I assume, not totally completed for error logic yet.


The AC servo drives are Teknic ClearPath SDHP integrated, NEMA 34 on Z, 23 on X,

and a 134 4-HP for the C-axis spindle drive. I will be running a Centroid Acorn CNC12 controller.


Nasty grease clean-up on the spindle, and getting the clean Kluber 15 in, see photos.

The spindle has a 5c nose, a set of SKF B7212-P4S, 25-degree angular contact bearings.

running in DD(><) config in the front and an Nu310 roller bearing in the rear.

I am adapting it to drive with HTS sprockets / 8 mm Pitch, 50 mm Belt Width.

That's todays project, finishing the spindle pulley, and align it to fit in the belt pocket.

So much fun to have time to play in the shop!




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Looks like a cool project, but might I suggest you turn your considerable skills to developing a robotic chip sweeper? :) That floor in front of the mill looks like progress, progress, progress!!!


I designed and built a small DIY gantry-style CNC a few years ago - chassis is mostly alum tooling plate and extrusion. THK linear rails and trucks. Cheap import ball screws. Gives me a work zone of about 18x24 which I needed for some of the custom motorcycle parts. A very challenging project, but well worth the effort. And yes, many moments of stepping back, assessing, crying, and then diving back in :)


Have you settled on a control software yet?










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