Re: 27" South Bend TURN-NADO


The 17”, 20”, & 27” Turnados were made in South Bend up until circa 1993. That year, SBL was sold out of bankruptcy to the guy that owned Republic Lagun. He started using the Turnado name on the machines he imported from Taiwan. They looked nothing like the originals and were 14”, 16”, 18”, and 21 or 22”?


On Feb 13, 2021, at 2:50 PM, Jim Schwitters <jrschwit@...> wrote:

Thanks for the reply.  I was hopeful that you would add your expertise.

I'll take your answer at face value, but could you please clarify some of the confusion around where Turn-nados were built.  I've spent a good bit of time reading on the web and various sources claim built in Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Taiwan, though no source of the info inspires confidence.  I'm specifically referring to 17" lathes made prior to , say, 1990.  17" because this looks exactly like 17s that I have seen pictured except for what look like 5" risers to the headstock, compound, and tailstock making it 27" swing.

Bottom line, it does not really matter to me where this was made since it looks like a good machine.  Really just looking for accurate knowledge.  BTW, this lathe has a two-speed UK made motor with 10/5 Hp.  More Hp than the 7.5 that I have seen on 17" presumably because of the added swing.

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