Re: 27" South Bend TURN-NADO


The 27” was made in South Bend, not an import.


On Feb 13, 2021, at 10:53 AM, Jim Schwitters <jrschwit@...> wrote:

Resurrecting an old thread.  I just acquired a surplus mobile military machine shop trailer just like the OP.  Was purchased primarily for the trailer running gear and included generator.

The 27" South Bend Turn-nado lathe has the next serial number in sequence to the OP's.  Entire contents of the trailer, including the lathe, are unused.  The lathe has what appears to be all the accessories and tooling that SB offered at the time, all still in the drawers and original shipping crate.

Trailer and contents appear to be from around 1984.  I understand SB had these lathes made for them and imported, either from Europe or Taiwan.  Anyone know which country this lathe was made?  Not surprisingly, South Bend/Grizzly does not have the build card for this lathe.

Lathe and tooling will be offered for sale as soon as I can get it out of the trailer and sorted.


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