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Steve Wells


Ok, thanks for the info, I have three of the four pages, I don’t have the back-gear adjustment

page. I cleaned up the page I posted as the first link. I tagged the files with your name for

future credit.  I have all those posts from 20 years ago on the group, saved in a big backup file

broken down into subjects, There are a lot of years of them, I used to read them at night when I couldn’t sleep 😊


Take care,



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Subject: Re: [SouthBendLathe] Warm left/rear bearing


Hi There, 

The second link IS a copy of my original.  The first link is just a cleaned-up copy.
There were four pages I received from SBL.  I posted them long ago (about 20 years ago).

I didn't say you haven't received information from others.  What I am saying is some
of the information you have originally came from me.

Back to the original documents; The one you posted is one of 4 pages I received
from SBL.  The first three pages pertain to bearing adjustment of nine inch and 10K
lathes.  The last page refers to back gear adjustment (a very poor Xerox copy).

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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