Re: threading on 9 A


Like Frank said, use the back gears. This is especially crucial on
coarse threads. The back gears have nothing to do with the rate of
feed per revolution of the spindle, it just makes it easier to start
and stop at the right place when the spindle is turning slower. It
is also helpful to use the belt tensioner to stop as you don't have
the rotational momentum of the motor and pulleys to keep the spindle

Unless I am making a very long thread, I always reverse the motor to
start a new cut. I learned to make threads on a Sherline with no
half nuts or thread dial. I guess I just haven't learned to trust
'em yet.

Glen Reeser

--- In, terranovapress@a... wrote:
Yes, use your back gears. Run real slow. On brass and aluminum
is mostly what I use) I use slowest speed and lots of cutting oil
brass and kerosene on aluminum.Feed with the compound properly set.


My " How to run a lathe " does not say. Do you use your back gears
to thread?

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