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Steve Wells


Form 2002 is for servicing the shell bearings and setting the oil film clearance.

Step 8 and figure 9 are for getting the take-up nut close to the face of the headstock

so you can press on the spindle gear against the shoulder and not push against the

take-up nut! You want the take-up nut, the thrust bearing and the cone pulley free

so you can measure movement in the shell, not having to contend with any force

working to hold the spindle in place. I did state that the form is somewhat misleading

in this area. It only states to make sure the cone pulley is free. Logic rules here,

remember, you attempting to measure 0.0007 as your low limit.

The proper “SBL take-up adjustment” can be seen in this restored parts sheet, it’s for the NK but,

the single thrust bearing R procedure would be the same, it’s from 1957 and,

the only one I can find at the moment. The first link is the restored sheet and the second link is the

original sheet. There are many internal documents and sheets, also blue prints that have written

notes, General Notices(GN) were a great source of information. The last link shows a GN for Parts.



On a different note, are you doing any wood working? I have recovered some of my lost emails

and have some that give the oak collet box measurements with photos I received from another group member.

If you want to see them.

I have fully retired now, and am in the workshop all day…lol

I’m about 5 years behind, ha-ha





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Hi There,

"That written maintenance procedure in F2002 calls out “adjusting it by hand” to take the slack out, then backing it

Off 3/8” and locking it before pressing on the spindle gear..."

That IS the procedure for adjusting the take-up nut on a Heavy Ten.

"When the oil film clearance is correct, then the take-up nut “tension” is set and relocked."

I haven't seen any official SBL literature that mentions that. Where are you getting that?

Seeing that Form 2002 IS the adjustment procedure,  I would go with that.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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