Re: Warm left/rear bearing

Steve Wells


If you are confident the shells and expanders are fine, just check the wick oiler tubes while you have the spindle out.

They need to set up past the casting 0.100 or so, for the shell hole to align. There is also a drilled hole in the tube

that aligns with the wire holes, make sure the wires will pass through to hold the wick down when installing the spindle.

When you install a new set of shell bearings, you have to make sure the tube will pass through the bearing and not bind.

otherwise it will be pushed down and the felt wick may hang in the undersize hole of the shell and not contact the spindle.

If you find that the tube has been pushed down, I probably would take everything apart to make sure the shell hole sizes are correct.

The breather rifle hole from the Gits cup inlet passage that is under the shim breathes from the front casting hole that is drilled at an angle and intersects this hole, that keeps dirt out of the system.






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Oh Steve, if only “sloppy” covered what this guy did to this poor machine! :)

I accidentally found the breather holes right before your last post. Totally filled with paint and crud. All clean now - but the shims (neither old or new) don’t have a hole for them to breathe. Is this correct?

All the passages are now clean. I’ll do one more clean in the morning and then get to peeling shims. I got the scraped surfaces clear and read for fresh shim/caps. Also need to grab some synthetic oil.

I’m debating whether I should tear the entire spindle apart. I figure I should at least check the small bearing sleeve to see if anything is off - although it seems to move as it should and the expander test seemed to check out ok.

Wondering if the hole issue was that the capillary wicks were so low in the channels. It must have been pulling oil somehow because bearings/journals has lube. But they should be riding directly on the spindle, no?

EA & Big Al. I believe the difference between the 9 & 10 would be a poorly place part of the casting to prevent the oiler from spinning left in the threads. 

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